Group Travel

Group TravelHamptons Travel Agency” has the experience to organize your next group travel. We will assist you in arranging meetings, corporate groups, events or group family trips.

We coordinate all types of groups such as governmental trade missions, corporate meetings, affinity groups such as family reunions, church groups and fundraisers, seminars and educational groups like study abroad programs.

We will exceed your expectations with our services based on your specific requirements.

Services Offered:

  • Arrange Direct Flights to destinations (where available)
  • Assistance with Professional Conferences, Events and Authorized Activities
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Ground Transportation
  • Car Rentals
  • Visa/Passport Application Assistance
  • Group Itineraries
  • VIP Services (1st Class, Express Check-In, Meet and Greet Services)

We offer wedding group travel services like negotiating wedding venues at hotels and a variety of hotel accommodations for guests.

For many years, Hamptons Travel Agency has been arranging group vacations of every type and size. You can join our custom Select Group Vacations that are pre planned or let us help you plan for your own group with your friends and family.

The benefits of Group Travel:

  • Enhanced amenities for groups
  • Convenient packages – flights, hotel arrangements, tours, meals etc
  • Booking the best itinerary options
  • Fast check-in at hotels, priority at tour sites, behind-the-scenes tours only to groups
  • Exclusive group planned activities and special events
  • Customized travel documents with tips and travel information.
  • Safety and comfort of traveling with a group of people that is from your area
  • Professional support and assistance
  • In-house marketing and design team to assist your group

As a full service travel company, our goal is always to make every one of our customer’s trips as enjoyable and hassle-free as we can. Working closely with all the tour providers, we can provide support at every stage of your travel and program requirements.

If you are traveling with a group of ten or more people, our Group Travel Service is for you! Let us help you make your travel experience affordable, easy and fun. Contact us for more information at (631) 267-3133