Do You Want to Bring Home That Trophy Trout?

You might as well accept the fact that you won’t bag a trophy every time you go trout fishing. There are any number of good reasons that can happen no matter how much you know. What you will discover in time is that you’ll have a certain number of really great days, and that will make up for the bad ones. If you’re an avid trout fisherman, then see if you know about the following because you may not.

As a rule, each animal has special features and instincts that help keep it safe. And brown trout are no exception, as are other fish, and in this case it’s their exceptionally sensitive lateral line. What this lateral line consists of is a strong of nerves down their entire body. This line operates like a pressure transducer. In other words, it’s very sensitive to pressure, and the amazing part is a trout can feel you walking along the banks. Seriously! Experienced trout fishers have been known to crawl along the banks so the trout don’t sense that they’re there. Someone who is new to trout fishing won’t know about this ability of trout to sense them and will walk as they normally do. Or even worse, they just plunge into the water wearing hip waders. Is it a surprise, then, that after trying all day to land a trout, they end up going home with nothing to show for their efforts?

OK, now you are determined to become a trout fisher, and the next step is to buy a rod and reel. There are special reels and rods for trout fishing, and these are what you must purchase. And a light-action model is exactly what you want to buy. If you have questions, and aren’t sure what to do, the friendly folks at your sporting goods store will be more than happy to assist you. They love to help newcomers who are just getting started in this challenging, and enjoyable, sport. But to give you an idea, a trout rod is less than six feet and no longer than that. There’s no need to get a monster reel, just one that matches the length of the rod. As to what you will want on your reel, make sure your line is less than six pound test. Don’t go any larger than these specifications. You can, however, choose to use a lighter rod and reel.

Contingent on the body of water, there are quite a few elements that have an effect on the water level. The levels of water in rivers and streams will go up, especially if there is a decent rain fall. For a range of reasons, this is a perfect time to go fishing for trout. To start with, the amount of oxygen in the water will be higher, which causes a higher amount of activity among the fish. The higher water levels will provide more shelter from natural killers. When the water is higher than usual, the trout will feel more secure therefore they will get and be more active. These are just a couple of pointers that a lot of trout angers might not be aware of. But, now you do and you can make use of them and get a hold of a higher number of the elusive trout. If you love fishing, then you have to get involved with trout fishing. The thing about it is that fishing in general is relaxing and a nice way to spend the day. If you are not sure about it, then just go and talk to a bunch of trout fishermen and catch the trout virus.